Connect with Global Imaging Network

How to use global network to boost your clinical opportunities.


Imaging data access out of the hospital

Imaging data sets in high diagnostic quality are within several seconds reached, regardless of your geographical location.

Referral network

Staying continuously connected to your referral institutions, while interactively interchanging imaging data sets through a common viewing platform and the video communication with the local medical staff.

Remote imaging data access in emergencies

Rapid patient assessment and a subsequent radiological investigation in stroke, MI, trauma or any other medical emergency necessitates ‘door to needle time’ shortening. IOG provides a technology to access and view data sets out of the hospital and communicate findings to the medical staff located in the hospital.

Shared case archive for education

Highly valued professionals and academics make expert contribution to their medical field. Image Over Globe provides a solution to create, maintain and access their research and educational cases wherever they are, and whenever they need them.

Virtual clinic

Receiving and reading images from all over the world, with subsequent web-based patient consultation and follow up capability –  are the premisses of the new virtual clinic concept.

Personal research portal

Private portfolio of selected patient data sets, meant for the research purposes, stored in a personal repository and accessible on-demand.