Recommended by top experts

Image Over Globe is utilised in premier health care facilities on a daily basis, and recommended by top medical experts worldwide.

Full diagnostic quality

The quality of transferred DICOM imaging data sets is preserved in original lossless diagnostic quality, allowing additional image post-processing when required.


Video conference

Video conferencing capability improves interaction and engagement of multiple physicians in charge, connected to the IOG network. It goes along with the transferred medical images, providing collaboration that removes distances.

Viewer Sharing

Interactively discussing patient’s images, jointly browsing, post-processing and pinpointing critical structures with multiple pointers – all of it while being distant to each other.

Works on any Device

Imaging data sets, acquired with any kind of DICOM image generating medical modality, are transferred and displayed on any mobile or stationary device: mobile phone, iPad/tablet, laptop or desktop PC.


Transfer of the clinical data sets and patient data is performed in controlled conditions with highly restricted access, in accordance with the strictest patient privacy rules. Local hospital administrators grant image access rights to the clinicians in charge, according to the hospital IT security policy. Images and patient data are encrypted and transferred using maximum security protocols.