Use Cases

Image access out of the hospital

Instant web-based access to imaging studies and associated data from remote locations in lossless original diagnostic quality.

In-hospital image data distribution

Inter-departamental image and report distribution, available on mobile devices of the physicians in charge.

Emergency remote image access (e.g. telestroke)

Off-site availability of emergency data sets provided through fast log-in procedure and subsequent image display on smartphones or any other type of a device.

Upgrade PACS with mobile access

IOG is an off-the-shelf standalone web service, integrable with PACS systems, easy to install through for that purpose designed IOG interfacing links.

Upgrade HIS with image viewing

Offering possibility to integrate IOG with various Hospital Information Systems (HIS), hence allowing viewing of patient image sets via HIS.

Patient web portal to access images

IOG offers patients an access to their personal imaging data sets through a secure connection, accessible from anywhere.

Network of private clinics

Sharing and optimising radiological resources to drive efficiency in large clusters of private clinics, with the goal to leverage human and imaging technology capacity.

Second Opinion

Upload of clinical images from patient’s PC to physican’s IOG database, eliminating hurdles of long lasting mail or Dropbox transfer.

National teleradiology network

Creating an efficient nation-wide operational web of interconnected hospitals, clinics and private institutions, with the aim to deliver fast image and report turnaround.

Virtual teleradiology centres

Fast and secure transmission of imaging data sets, regardless of imaging modality type and facility location, to 24/7 operating teleradiology centers.

Shared image archive for education

Virtual community of medical specialists sharing medical data sets, diagnoses and computing resources.

Radiology classroom

IOG provides access to large volumes of commented and verified teaching cases, used for different training programs in radiology, cardiology etc.

Personal research portal

Web-based access to personal repository of clinical images used for the research purposes, stored and held in a secured environment.

Team research portal

Environment for collaborative exchange of imaging data sets and reports, taking advantage of distributed resources available through this platform.

Academic radiology network

Acquisition, interpretation and distribution of information in effective way in order to improve clinical services.