Some facts


Image access out of the hospital

ImageOverGlobe is designed to meet the need of quick DICOM image access in cases when a medical professional is not on-site. Images are transferred directly from the diagnostic imaging device or PACS to remote mobile phone, tablet or desktop devices. It is a breakthrough solution for instant image access in the clinical emergency settings – where a medical consultation is highly required and often lifesaving.


Immediate availability of clinical DICOM images is the primary premise in the clinical emergencies. However, once being outside of the hospital’s image transfer infrastructure, medical data access is suboptimal or often unresolved. Classical VPN connections require a specific computer infrastructure, often not readily available at remote spots or on the move. Image Over Globe provides easy and secure connection to DICOM images when and where you need them. The DICOM data sets are sent upon demand to a mobile device, and whole process is completed in seconds.

Mobile and Instant

Physician at a remote location logs into the image network through a mobile device at his disposal (smartphone, tablet, laptop or any available computer), thus allowing for maximum possible mobility. The logging in and the data download is maximally fast, depending upon the transfer rate of the local Internet connection.

Without Compromise

Data transfer and data display in the mobile devices is performed in the original image quality (full DICOM bitmap). There is no diagnostic image information loss whatsoever in display at remote locations.


Your personal image portfolio of anonymized cases can be easily created and maintained. In this way you can access your cases anywhere and anytime, either for educational or academic use.


In addition to the data set browsing and viewing capability, you can use extensive tagging and reporting system. A large variety of collaboration tools like audio and video communication, text chat and cursor control sharing is also provided.


Data set browsing is performed in the web application, especially designed for that purpose. Application provides a large range of the post-processing possibilities. Magnification of image portions to allow for an improved assessment of soft tissue differentiation or vascular lesion depiction is fully supported. If convenient or needed, any random PACS workstation or DICOM viewer can be utilized.