Clinical Applications

Diagnostic Radiology

Convenient and fast access of DICOM data sets in the diagnostic image quality, anywhere and anytime, broadens the diagnostic radiology’s workflow possibility range. Clinical images can be read on the mobile and desktop devices at remote locations in the original DICOM image quality, thereby fully supporting image post-processing and reporting capabilities.

Interventional Radiology

Image Over Globe is designed to be utilised for access to medical images acquired in the medical emergencies, from the diagnostic scanners and interventional labs, to the mobile devices of medical professionals located remotely.


IOG allows for immediate transfer of cardio US/CT/MR/any DICOM image series with a possibility of remote reviewing and an interactive communication with the local cardiologist.

Interventional Cardiology

Cardiovascular emergencies are life threatening, requiring diagnostic workup to be performed quickly to avoid delay in the treatment and to minimize morbidity and mortality. Immediate availability of the diagnostic and interventional clinical DICOM data sets is a life saving requirement.

Myocardial Infarction

An MI requires immediate medical attention. The immediate availability of the clinical data sets is the primary premise in the emergency myocardial infarct settings, regardless of the location of the interventional cardiologist and/or cardiac surgeon.


Depending on the severity of injury, quick patient management, transport and a subsequent emergency imaging may be necessary to prevent loss of life or limb. DICOM image transfer from the diagnostic scanners to the mobile devices of remotely located trauma surgeons, performed in a fraction of time, is considered to be life saving.


Image Over Globe provides medical images, acquired in the settings of musculoskeletal traumas and/or during orthopaedic surgeries, instantly available to all specialists in charge, located inside and outside the hospital.



Accessing radiological imaging data sets ahead of the neurosurgical treatments and providing intra-operative neurosurgical images to the colleagues neurosurgeons inside or outside of the hospital in real time, add additional value to successful completion of the neurosurgical therapy.


Spinal Surgery

Spinal diagnostic data sets within a hand’s reach through the web-based ImageOverGlobe access, with a possibility to communicate with the spinal specialists interactively.


Rapid transfer of stroke diagnostic scans to the responsible physicians, regardless of their physical location, shortens door to needle time significantly.

Pediatric Emergency

Pediatric emergencies require immediate investigations and diagnostic scans performed successively. IOG provides for rapid transfer of the imaging data to responsible physicians upon the image acquisition.

Rehabilitation and sports medicine

Off-site image access, scan reviewing and clinical consultations are often required in a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurologic problems, especially there where a multidisciplinary approach is required.


Radiographic testing of genitourinary conditions entails patient scanning with wide range of imaging modalities, written in DICOM.


High risk pregnancy management requires high resolution imaging of at-risk fetus. Images are stored and used for the comparison purposes during upcoming visits.